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Destiny Ascension

Lately I’ve been reading encouraging stories about how people actually stood up to the challenges of life, faced them head on  and succeeded in their endeavors. It’s amazing how too often people shy away from change and feel afraid to fail when there is so much good that can come from taking the plunge if you only have the courage.

I think one important thing to note is to keep constant update about where you are moving to, it kinda helps to remind ourselves to move and keeps us informed about the situations happening there.

Sadly, for now there’s my studies to handle. Advanced Diploma ( or a Degree in some other parts of the world ) isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, there’s so much to study and there’s such a high expectation to fulfill, especially those from parents and my peers. Sometime’s we give into this pressure and it is this pressure that makes us lose sight on our future and distort the reality of what is happening around us. Studying for hours and hours, getting less than five hours of sleep a day for almost a month, eating snacks because cooking or eating out takes up too much time. It’s just difficult sometimes for a student to do what they want in life. I even remembered that those famous successful people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates actually dropped out of school to do what they are passionate about.

Now what if the thing’s that I am passionate about does not have any profitable aspects at all. What shall I do? Shall I pursue my education and get a job which can feed me and my family before doing what I like to do? Life isn’t easy but life isn’t impossible either, be it luck or be it brute strength and determination, I guess we humans are good at adapting to any situation  so I guess I’ll follow my dreams and do what I want to do and hopefully even if I won’t be rich, I’ll be happy.

While I’m still here in Malaysia, there’s just so much things to do.

Every single experience throughout this two years will be crucial to my future and I’m going to make sure that every step I take will be towards carving that path. I’m going to attempt to host the longest lan party in the world ( current record 40 hours ), I’m going to help out and do as much as I can in the orientation week, I’m going to do something during BB Pesta, I’m going work my ass of while studying next semester to save up enough for my future ( every cent counts ).

The journey of a thousand miles must start with that one step. No matter how insignificant, it is better to take a step forward than to stand still and be afraid.

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